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Track Review: Letters To Melissa by Model Shop

Your new favourite song, guaranteed!

It's true. I guarantee it. Hands down one of my most favourite tracks of the last few years, `Letters To Melissa` comes in like a freight train pulling behind a 50 mile long carriage of every one of your favourite 80's songs and a conductor obsessed with all of John Hughes' back catalogue. 
"In my mind, I'll get it right, This time."

The chorus is an absolute ear worm, and you'll be humming it for days, weeks, probably till the end of your days. The tracks pulsating drums, delicate melodies and wistful vocals come together into the most perfect jangle-pop of the last few years. 

I've probably listened to it about 5 times whilst writing this ramble, and I'm smiling from ear to ear. Just go listen and share it with anyone who'll listen to you. 

Absolute pop perfection.

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