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Oh hey. Nice to have you here!

Thanks for visiting and taking a look through the site. I mean... who even really reads an about page!? Well.. I guess you do! Weirdo.

What do you wanna know? 

So I'm Andrew, I play drums for a lil noisy indie-pop band called Sumos, and I guess whilst driving back from a rehearsal one day I decided that I'd try my hand at writing about things I love. For the band, anytime someone writes about us it's such a cool and special thing, and I'd like in some form to give that feeling to others who aren't sure if anyone is actually out there listening.  

So yeah, come join my rambles as I waffle on about tracks I find special, some new stuff, some old stuff, and maybe even things I'm watching too. Who knows. 

Let's see where it goes...

You can go read some other stuff now. You're not that weird really.

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