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Track Review: Love Is Blind by Annie Taylor

Flying in like a tonne of bricks to the face, this fast paced punk hit does not disappoint!

I stumbled across this track today from the latest Posts from the Underground show, and WHAT A TRACK!

From the minds of Annie Taylor, a Swiss psychedelic grunge outfit, 'Love Is Blind' kicks in LOUD and doesn't hold back. It's the kind of rock that makes you want to just go "AGHHHHHHH" and start running around the streets punching up fools. I've no idea what the mean streets of Z├╝rich are like, but if this track is the sound of the city, many fools probably do get punched daily! The guitar solos give me hints of Art Brut, which is apt as the track does "Make me. Want To Rock Out!" (Modern Art, Art Brut).

A lousy liar and you're out of your bounds. Wish you could see how delusional you sound!


Even the video is an impressive work of art. I love this. So much noise! Feels raw and alive as all good tracks should. This is what rock should be, a track that slaps you in the face and makes you pay attention! I'm about to spend the evening working my way through their back catalogue and I cannot wait to hear more.

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